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Filing is one of the activities in the record management program that involves systematically classifying, coding, arranging and placing of records in storage. It is the proper arrangement, sorting and availability of records.

Objectives of filing

Following are the main objectives of filing :

  1. Protection
  2. Witness
  3. Reference
  4. Follow-up values


Filing enables the records to be protected from insects and the weather, as well as from being mishandled, misplaced, ruined, or stolen. A filing system is considered good that keeps the records safely for a number of years and the records are produced in presentable condition whenever required.


Filing is done so that the safely kept records can be presented as witness whenever any legal action is to be taken up.


"With the help of old references new tasks can be performed better."
The references are generally taken from the past stored records to perform better in the present scenario. Hence, records are to be kept safely for future use thus making filing a necessary part of office management.

Follow-up values:

Sometimes old records ate proved to be valuable to take up the follow-up actions. Therefore, filing of records is necessary so that they can be produces whenever required at those times.

Functions of filing

Following are the type of functions of a filing system :1) Library functions (issuing, collecting, recording, storing and, sorting)2) Administrative function3) Information functions (maintaining, protecting, and supplying)4) Historical function

Library functions:

In a library, the books are collected, sorted, stored, and issued as well as their details are recorded. Similarly, in the process of filing the records are collected, sorted, stored safely, and protected as well as their particulars are recorded. The same are produced at the time of requirement.

Administrative function:

To control and enhance the proper functioning of an organization or establishment the past records are naturally required. At that time the files are taken and opened to find those records. So filing helps in controlling hence, is an administrative function.

Information function:

To prevent malfunctioning in present, past records and information are certainly required. The filing system helps to maintain those records, protects them form any type of damaging elements be it insects, wasps, weather or thief and produce the same whenever the need arises.

Historical function:

The filing system stores and protects the past records efficiently to supply the same in present and future periods of requirement.

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