Monday, June 20, 2011

Difference between female friends and Male friends

My friends and I are discussing rather there is a significant difference in our male and female friendships. We need more opinions...

Go Lakers...

Well, i have many more guy friends than girl friends. My friends that are girls, i usually talk with them about, well...girly stuff. Guys, hair, clothes and problems over all. But my guy friends just give me a break. I have many more of them, because there is less drama. But i will admit, they all are flirty guy friends. Every one of them have asked me out before. But we are all cool now. So it depends what kind of significance u are going for.

You are looking for some one to talk to about something: Girls

You are looking for a good time and a good laugh: Guys

So, it depends lol.

Two studies were conducted to examine male-female differences in perceptions of subjects' own and their best-liked others' communication behavior. The results of the first study indicated that males and females hold relatively stereotypical views of their own communication behavior. Males perceived themselves as more controlling and detached, while females saw themselves as more nurturant and more dependent. The results from the second study indicated that the discriminating dimensions for the same-sex friendships of both males and females were attention-seeking and self-dramatizing communication behaviors. In an opposite-sex relationship, however, the discriminating communication behaviors for males and females were nurturance and dependency.

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